DESTA Activities

We offer the full range of activities listed below to members of our community.

Brother 2 Brother

Brother 2 brother was created provide the young men of DESTA with a space to discuss issues relating to their unique experiences.

Sista Sista

Sista Sista is a discussion group that was created to answer the needs of women in the community, to have a safe space where they could share how they feel about the difficulties they face on a day-to-day basis to just be themselves.


A mental health support group for families and friends created to give members of the community a chance to express themselves about the overall impact of mental health issues in their communities and in their families. Sharing our stories and challenges makes it possible to think about concrete solutions that are culturally adapted to the Black community and Overstand each other.

Game Night

Every third Saturday of each month, DESTA invites youth to a Game Night, where they can enjoy playing video games together in a friendly environment. A variety of games and consoles are accessible such as XBOX 360 and XBOX One, PS3 and 4, Wii U etc. All are welcome to enjoy video games, food and music as a community.

Kemetic Yoga

Free Weekly Yoga Sessions that promote physical and mental well-being among marginalized youth. This regular practice brings a sense of relaxation so you can feel at ease, both physically and emotionally.

iSweat Soca

“iSweatSoca® is a rhythmic Caribbean sweat session that merges movement, dance & aerobics exercise to empower and let go of self critic.” This weekly class is accessible to men and women who want to gain more confidence by sweating it off!

Movie Night

Movie screening & discussion having at heart, the social involvement of its participants, the DESTA team has set up DESTA movie nights, in order to present informative documentaries presenting themes that directly affect the members of the community while offering them a platform to interact.

Muhammad Study Group

This new Quran study group is available to people of the Muslim faith in the community or to anyone who respectfully wants to learn more about the Muslim religion.

Meeting of the Minds

This discussion group brings together active members of the community who are willing to identify problems, and work collectively to apply practical solutions that will bring a measurable impact within the community.

Real Talk

Open discussion group for everyone that are meant to explore social issues, like sexuality, violence, justice, etc. within a safe space. Participants are encouraged to express themselves and to share their own experiences regarding these events…. basically, a Real Talk.