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Education Program

DESTA partners with the Eastern Township School Board (ETSB) to offer Adult Education. Our adapted form of distance education includes tutoring. We match students with volunteer tutors who work one-on-one with you.

Distance education allows you to learn at your own pace, when and where it is suitable to you. Students receive a course package and learning material and can complete the course from home.

DESTA LionWolf School offers recognized, Secondary I-V credit courses in English, French, Math, History, Physical Science Computers and Competencies. Like traditional school, you may have assignments or need to write an exam for course credit.

You have 6 months to complete a course. Follow your own study plan, but if you request help, we will pair you up with a tutor. DESTA will ensure you get all the study materials, and when you need, we provide a quiet space to study, and academic counselling.