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How YOU Can Volunteer @ DESTA

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Our volunteers play a key role in helping us support our youth. Volunteers come to us from various cultures, educational backgrounds, and walks of life to lend their time and talents to improving our youth’s circumstances. Given our small staff, volunteers play a crucial role in the operation of DESTA.

Below is a list of the different areas in which we can always use your support.

Administrative Duties

These include filing, data entry, library duties, photocopying, calling participants.

Lion Wolf School

This includes tutoring in: English, French, History, Math and Science. We could avail ourselves of an Event Coordinator who can help us organize activities for students. A Food Service Manager with just the right touch will be invaluable for ensuring that no student leaves DESTA with an empty stomach. An Administrative Assistant will make the job of tracking progress so much easier.


Tasks include researching potential funders, event planning, data entry, file maintenance, creating powerpoints, writing appeal letters, and cold-calling.

Special Events

Tasks include set-up and clean-up, greeting guests at the door, and designing promotional tools (i.e. posters, flyers).

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Our Ambassadors

As DESTA representatives, our ambassadors are spokespersons for the organization. These outstanding young men and women are upcoming leaders of the community who are actively working on improving their lives. By attending in-house workshops dedicated to  effective communication, critical thinking and personal empowerment, our ambassadors are ready to spread the word about how DESTA has supported them on their journey towards self-improvement.